Blonde Bomber Prototype Tap Handles (Limited Edition)

Blonde Bomber Prototype Tap Handles 
(Limited Edition)
We love these tap handles. As we've moved into kegs, we've been trying out a variety of different, unique tap handles. Our early prototypes included just a handful of these few wooden (dummy) "bombs", hand crafted by an expert local Veteran woodworker we know. He spent a lot of time getting the dimensions just right, and then shaping each piece. The fins are affixed and supported internally by a strong dowel, to ensure durability and long life. These tap handles are hand-painted in two colors, and have a special Blonde Bomber logo on the final clear-coat. Be one of the few to own this piece of our early history. These make a perfect gift. Each is carefully packed and will be shipped in its own box. We're selling them at less than it cost to develop them, so it's first come, first served. When these are gone, there will be no more made.
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